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Creating the application, the developers made the mobile program very effective. As the design for the calculator, you can choose one of 22 color themes: The application wants to be praised for very convenient management. When calculating, you do not even need to click on the equal sign — the calculator automatically performs the current calculation. The standard digital layout can be changed by one movement to the scientific keyboard to calculate logarithms and square roots. The calculator saves all computation in the program memory. CALCU Stylish Calculator — is a nice to use utility, which is different in its original design, 12 variants of color themes and not bad functionality.

The application is absolutely free to use, and for its installation on the phone, you will need a version of Android 4. If you are looking for the best and most unusual calculators for Android, pay attention to the MyScript Calculator application.

It performs mathematical operations without the on-screen keyboard but through handwriting. Draw a formula on the screen with a finger or a special stylus, and the calculator recognizes it, translates it into a digital text format, and outputs the result. With the help of the program, it is possible to produce not only simple actions, such as addition or subtraction of prime numbers but also to produce a complex trigonometric calculation.

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Another nice opportunity is computing with the unknown. At any place in your expression, you can put a question mark, and if you tell the program what your expression should be equal to, it will calculate the value of the unknown. In general, the program turned out to be very convenient, its use really speeds up calculations, helping to quickly cope with complex expressions. Separately pleases its full free of charge, so there is no reason not to download and try it. An excellent solution for those who are bored with standard calculators, you want something unusual and functional.

The application is suitable for those who prefer calculators, notebooks, and calendars in a smartphone in a simplified form, without unnecessary styles of design and settings. The new application is able to perform all the basic mathematical operations — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The scientific calculator mode is also available in the portrait mode of the smartphone, it is enough to lead a finger to the left. This will bring up a panel containing all the buttons required for more complex calculations.

The app is compatible with the Android Wear platform. So all users who are unhappy with the calculator on their gadgets can install the official Google calculator from the Google Play Store. And, to calculate the purchase cost, you do not need a calculator, since the application is free. One of the interesting and functionally large calculators, which is clearly designed for users with a mathematical mindset.

This is not just an application for standard calculations but a real engineering graphical calculator with which a student of a mathematical class can work, a student at a physics faculty or a research fellow in a laboratory. Using the calculator you can find the coordinates of the intersection points, calculate their value, derive the formula and save it in the program memory. The free version requires an internet connection and sometimes displays ads on the screen. If you are looking for an application that can help you in your studies, namely, in building graphs, then you have found it.

Enter your values and the program will automatically build a schedule for you, based on the function and the answers to it. The program is able to find the coordinates of points, the root of the function, extremes and inflection points, and also show these values if you want. In a word, those who are engaged in algebra and need an excellent assistant — this application is for you.

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator — an indispensable program for students and teachers in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry, which has a set of functions necessary for plotting and solving mathematical problems on a direct screen of a smartphone or tablet. The program GeoGebra Graphing Calculator will help you in solving all sorts of mathematical problems. It includes tools for plotting functions, construction of geometric constructions, as well as products of various calculations. It includes interactive tools that allow you to simultaneously solve equations, work with graphs, coordinates and many others.

In addition, the program allows you to build dynamic geometric constructions, draw on the screen gadget and use the system of figure determination, as well as make various calculations and save their results or send them to classmates or teachers. In addition to this, GeoGebra Graphing Calculator for Android includes a large number of educational materials, useful for students and teachers, as well as the ability to upload data to the cloud. Hardly, ever, to build various graphics could be so easy.

This application is a very interesting calculator, which creates an accurate schedule for the formula you know. This, in fact, is the simple meaning of its work, you create and drive the parameters you need, and the program already, based on them, builds a suitable schedule. The calculator can instantly build an equation from parabolas and lines, as well as through derivatives and the Fourier series, and much more using an incredibly fast mathematical analysis.

The interface of the program is very interactive, you can customize any sliders, and with them, visualize the effect of any derivative on the graph. You can create function tables, scale the resulting graph, by using the finger movement. You can check the coordinates of any point by simply touching it. However, the application does not require access to the Internet.

The Desmos Graphing Calculator program will be very useful during the study, or for those who want to learn how to quickly and correctly build graphics. Its utility in its field is difficult enough to overestimate. The Droid48 application is the port of the widely used scientific programmable calculator HP 48 project port x The calculator has a wide range of computing capabilities, and not everyone understands it. Who wants to understand in more detail — can look for instructions on the Internet.

Those who worked with scientific calculators, we think, should assess the wide possibilities of this model. The calculator itself is no longer produced, and distributed as emulators under different axes, including Android.

Those who need a scientific calculator in Android, just download and understand themselves. The application includes a complete package of financial calculators, the list of which can be edited depending on the priority. All electronic payments made with the application can be sent by email. Financial Calculators is a group of calculators that compute finances and investments, loans, pensions, taking into account the performance of stock exchanges and the exchange rate. Just need to enter all the necessary data into the program, and it will step by step show all your potential costs.

Here all the best is collected, and all this is provided by one simple application, with a clear and pleasant interface, and many additional functions. The free Handyman Calculator application, available for Android devices, includes dozens of tools for converting quantities and preparing estimates, which is always useful for masterful owners, and for builders. A simple way of converting quantities, different types of calculators, a tool for calculating arc length or reinforcement weights — are just a few of the tools available in the application, from everyday to exotic for example, the pressure when drilling an oil well or the mud density calculator.

All the features of the application will be very much in demand when repairing and building a house — the user will certainly need such tools to calculate the required amount of plaster or tiles.

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Version Pro removes ads from the application. The handyCalc developers took care of potential users of their application and provided it with an exhaustive set of capabilities. This program is difficult to call a calculator since it is capable of performing much more complex operations than all hardware analogs. First of all, the application allows you to work with ordinary and decimal fractions, choosing the form of presentation at your discretion. Support for trigonometric functions allows you to freely calculate their values and use them in more complex expressions.

You yourself can choose the format for representing angular quantities — degrees or radians. The accuracy of the representation of fractional quantities is also determined at the discretion of the user.

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You can use the maximum computing power of your device or use an exponential record. Finding solutions to equations and systems of equations, building function graphs — all this and much more will be available on your gadget after installing handyCalc. The application will become a reliable assistant for high school students and students of technical universities.

One of the best scientific calculators for Android emulates the appearance of a real calculator, while its capabilities far surpass the hardware analog. It combines all the best qualities of calculator applications. RealCalc saves the results history, which will allow you to return to the required values even after a significant number of operations. The built-in value converter allows you to instantly translate data into a convenient format.

The table of physical constants will make it possible to dispense with a reference book in the most complex calculations. Working with interest and a clipboard for 10 values will greatly simplify the processing of data. Working with binary, octal, and hexadecimal notation systems is useful not only for mathematicians but also for programmers. Support for trigonometric calculations and functions, both in degrees and radial terms, will provide maximum convenience in the appropriate calculations. Several modes of operation for scientific, engineering and calculations with a fixed point will allow you to concentrate on the work, having all the necessary operations at hand.

In order to easily master the full range of capabilities of the application, developers have provided it with a detailed help system that will assist in any situation.

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Another universal Android-calculator with many features. It can be a simple everyday calculator or turn into a full-featured engineering calculator with an appropriate set of functions as needed. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Developed by HP, the HP 15C Android Calculator App is an exact replica of the original layout, functions, algorithms and calculation sequences you trusted to help you through college and your career.

When you find yourself without your HP 15C scientific calculator, relax — just open it on your favorite Android device. Reviews Review Policy.

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