Free nokia 5800 applications and games

The two games that came preinstalled on our handset. You can also download an extra free game at the Nokia download center and several manufacturers have already come up with their own titles. You will have to spend some cash on the latter, though. Java games can also be considered an option but finding ones that run fullscreen would be a hard job or better yet a lost cause.

The Nokia XpressMusic doesn't have N-Gage gaming support, so if you are after that, you'd be better off with an N-series device. At the time of writing of this review, there are not many third-party applications for the Nokia XpressMusic. The Symbian S60 5th edition is just too new. Back in the day when S60 3rd edition was first introduced the situation was pretty much the same.

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We had to wait a good six months before a reasonable amount of application became available. Now the S60 5th edition is not totally incompatible with the S60 3rd edition apps. It's just that their behavior is rather unpredictable. We tried running the Symbian version of Google Maps for Mobile for example and it ran just fine despite the incompatibility warning.

It even had nice thumbable controls and made use of the built-in GPS receiver. In the same time the native version of the Opera Mobile 9. So naturally, in times like these, users turn their attention to the Java world.

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  • We tried several Java applications with variable level of success due to the touchscreen and high resolution. The good news however is that all Java titles can run in landscape mode too.

    Free Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Games

    The Opera Mini web browser ran almost flawlessly and we were pretty happy with it. It was running fullscreen, it accepted touch command easily and it also allowed for auto screen rotation. Using the Opera Mini Java application is really nice. Using Gmail for Mobile Java app. With all Java games, the handset offers a virtual D-pad and gaming A, B, C, D buttons so you can make use of non-touch-enabled games. There's an option to hide those controls, but that doesn't mean you will be able to play Java games fullscreen - they have fixed resolutions. One of the Java game titles that we tried Prince of Persia had a special version for and accepted touch commands.

    The other Java titles intended for QVGA resolution required the use of the virtual controls which in one case were not sufficient.

    Free Nokia XpressMusic Games - Mobiles24

    Playing the touch-enabled Prince of Persia still gets you the virtual controls. So summing it up, the Nokia XpressMusic third-party application support is a mixed bag and you have to either test applications for yourself or turn to the online forums for a heads-up. Nokia XpressMusic comes with a built-in GPS receiver and judging on our experience it seems a highly sensitive unit. The handset managed to acquire satellite lock from cold start in a moving car in about two minutes which is basically as good as it gets.

    Installing Applications & Games to Nokia 5800 & Where to Get Them!

    A-GPS might have sliced a few additional seconds from that time had it been turned on. Yes, I have faced this problem too, all you need to do is just to restart your mobile device. This should get the invisible files get hidden as per the SmartGuard Settings. Anyone knows where to download free internet for nokia ??? I mean is that you dont have to pay for the connection…. Thanks so much for organizing such amazing content all in one place!

    How do I put it to my Nokia Xpress Music? I had downloaded and installed SmartGuard but it does not give me the option to hide and secure external memory files and folders. It does not let me browse the external memory data and can only secure Phone memory files. Can anyone give me Smartguard file or any free software for Xm to hide my images and videos.

    You'll need to send the application files to you phone using bluetooth or use OVI Suite application installer directly from your pc and then install. These files when opened in your mobile will lead to installation, follow the onscreen procedure and your application will be installed!. Gyanguru is a knowledge sharing portal providing information on Education, jobs, technology, Music and Movies.

    Download Mail for Exchange With Mail for Exchange, fast accessing to your email anywhere, anytime; opening attachments on your handset is as simple as doing it on your PC! Download Quick Office With this application, you can easily open Microsoft Word, excel and Powerpoint files on your phone.

    Games Touch Card Match The classic match and set the pace game with nice visual and audio effects.

    Nokia 5800 Applications and games

    Download Touch Manuever In this game, your aim is to drag the bubble with your fingers or the stylus to the finish line with grazing the track. Download Marble Maze All you need to is to handle the ball by tilting the screen here and there and guiding the ball to the finish line avoiding the holes. Subscribe Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Related Posts: Nokia Xpress Music Pros and Cons. Delhi 6 — Movie Stills.

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