Import iphone contacts into android

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android (5 Ways)

For each different section, we will take a look at a couple of different ways to transfer data from iPhone to Android- first of all being a comprehensive tool which makes quick and easy work of data transfer from your iPhone - TouchCopy. You can try out the TouchCopy software free, allowing you to transfer up to music tracks from your iPhone. Our most comprehensive solution comes first - TouchCopy software.

If you desire ease of use, and a 'one tool for all tasks' option, I would recommend using TouchCopy. Messages, music, photos, contacts, and more and be copied!

Method 1 - iCloud

Here's how to transfer music from iPhone to Android:. You can also do this task in a similar way using iTunes.

  • Method 2 - Google Account.
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  • Method 1 – Manually (for small lists)?
  • Top 4 Methods to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android.
  • Transferring everything from your iPhone to Android phone.

However, you can only transfer music purchased through iTunes to your Android using iTunes. To transfer any other music from your iPhone, you'll need a tool like TouchCopy.

Method 1: Manually Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Our photos and videos contain some of our most precious memories, so it's imperative that we keep them safe. Make sure that your files are saved to your device, rather than only in iCloud, as TouchCopy cannot copy files from iCloud. Here's how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android using TouchCopy:. It is actually fairly easy to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Android, unlike other media types.

Simply connect your iPhone to your computer and open it using your File Manager.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android - it's easy!

At this point, if you have a spare USB port on your computer, connect your Android and drag the selected photos and videos into your Android. If you don't have a spare USB port, copy the photos and videos to your Desktop. Then, safely eject your iPhone and connect your Android. You can then drag the copied files from your Desktop to your Android.

Using Android, you will have set up a Google account which your phone uses from contacts and calendars among other purposes. So, what we need to do is copy your calendars from your iPhone to your computer, then import them into your Google account. This is great because you will be able to access your calendar on any device which uses your Google account.

Since your Android device should use the same account, you should now be able to access your transferred calendars on it. A new window with several choices will appear.

How to transfer contacts from iOS to Android Phone

Navigate to the location on your PC where you want the contacts and click OK. Your iPhone contacts will be saved to the PC in the form of multiple vCard files to the location of your choice.

How to transfer from iPhone to Android - The Complete Guide!

Now connect the Android phone to your PC. It will appear on your computer as an external drive or a portable device. Simply drag and drop the folder where you exported your iPhone contacts to the Android Phone drive.

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  • Method 2 – iCloud;
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  • How to transfer your contacts between iPhone and Android devices?
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