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Remove the battery, and then reinsert it after a few seconds. Replace the battery cover. A soft reset is a three-key combination that resets the BlackBerry smartphone without removing the battery. Press and hold the Alt key on the BlackBerry smartphone. While holding down the Alt key, press and hold the Right Shift key. The display on the BlackBerry smartphone turns off to indicate that the reset has started, and the keys can now be released.

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Thanks a lot! Thanx again. Beautiful stuff, well written article and to the point!

MTN 4G LTE APN settings

Thank You for shairng this with us! Thanks so much. I do however still have a problem as its not working for me.

How to activate MTN, VodaCom, Cell C and 8ta Prepaid Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

Thankyou so much for this!! Waisted over 30 bucks airtime calling different customercare lines and after what felt like hrs of holding and transferring, i finally was helped. But by then i had used up all my airtime and then had to get more!! Dude lyk iv got a problem wit my fone. After charging my fone via PC all my media files disappeared this includes pictures, music, videos n voice notes I hav no idea wher they r!

I rebooted my phone as well. Does BIS usually take a while to activate? I also tried deactivating it, and reactivating it, but it will not let me deactivate it! Thanks so much! Woaw guys. I just wna know 1 thng.

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I dnt want to buy airtime all the time to activate. So is it possible to just subscribe 4 a couple of m0thns and jst pay 1 off for a couple of m0nths? By the way im MTN… Plz plz help. I have been googling for hours and there you were just like an agel ready to help. You are a lifesaver. I wud really appreciate ur help on this one thanx. Pleasure dude. I hope all the BIS codes are still correct. So glad somebody did this! This is my first month and I dont even know if vodacom does send a reminder msg. Err… I have the same problem as Han.. I activated and so on using the mtn method, stated that it was activated but no bis next to the signal icon notifying me that Its on..

Is there a delay or maybe a time period before it is officially activated and ready to use?.. Thanks for the information , i am going to try it now then i will come again to say how it works. Have a wonderful day. When trying 2 activate my bis..

MTN Unrestricted APN

Thanks sooo much for this, I am completely impatient when trying to get things done and after spending more than enough time trying to google for answers I found your blog!!! I have an MTN blackberry and i did pot a cell c sim in show what mast i do 2 set up my b. Hi guys! Do any one know how to activate BIS on pay-as-you-go? For mtn?

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Never had a problem to activate my MTN bb and now what? Where do I go from here to activated my bis? I need it to work for work purposes. Please can someone help me? Thanks for this. I have added it to the page. If anyone else have any updates, please let me know. I dont know whats wrong ….

I hear everyone complain about it. I have a contract with them for my BB. I purchased a R20 bis on MTN and now my phone is saying my wi fi is not active buut the edge on top of the screen is now written in capital letters but still i cannot go on whatsapp,mxit or any social network so i really do not know the problem because it was my first time activating my bis. Hi mapaseka,am triying to activate my BIS on MTN,since they change the easiest way can u pls send those settings please.

Now its telling me I dont have enough airtime!!!! Dude u are a genius. I like ur work and u helped me just as easy as abc. It would have taken me a year to get to this info but with u it just took me less than five minutes. Can you click in the name and email fields in the comment form? I need to activate my bis now and have R60 airtime but when I want to purchase the bundle it says that I have insufficient funds to complete the process. Previously I have used Blackberry with Vodacom prepaid number and activated Blackberry services. But when i changed my Mobile to Blackberry Q10 i am unable to activate blackberry services with the same Vodacom number.

When i checked my balances, it shows that my Blackberry services is activated.

MTN Internet settings

Kindly help me to enable blackberry services in my Q10 mobile. If there is one thing I hate is to go and stand in a queue for service. You are a stor. Does telkom have once off BIS like if you purchase BIS in the mid of the month will it take 30days to end like vodacom? Hi everyone is anyone experiencing problems with Vodacom BIS connecting to network.

I called Vodacom several times and they keep on telling me to change my network settings to manual. I have BIS and do not get connected to my social networks. I thought in the beginning they had fixed this problem only to realise it was because my phone had airtime and I was accessing my whatsapps and what not through my airtime.

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I realised after a zero balance that I could not connect. They said I should wait a few minutes but it has been a day now. Thank you so much for helping me get Blackberry BIS on prepaid. I visited Vodacom outlets 4 times and no one had a clue of what I wanted. In fact the last store said they were not dealing with Blackberry or Nokia. It only took me 30 Minutes to get the BIS going exactly by your instructions.

Thank goodness there are people like you out there! You rock, thank you again and keep doing your thing. Love to the cats. Your email address will not be published. Please enter an answer in digits: South African Reserve Bank bumps up repo rate to 6. How to. The benefits of becoming a vegetarian and what alternatives there are for meat.

MTN APN Settings for Blackberry - APN Settings

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Authentication Type: If you have better instructions please contact me. From the home screen click on the Blackberry Menu button 2. Then select "Options" - it usually has a spanner icon. Then "Device Settings". Then select "Advanced Sysem Settings". Here you will find your "APN Settings". Once you have done that, just below this you will see "APN: