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Use the Zune software to install updates to your Windows Phone. Download now Get to know your phone by using the Windows Phone website. Yes, it will. You misread the summary. WP7 will not run WP8 apps. The other way around will work as Microsoft has repeatedly stated.

What exactly have you been looking for? Are there Windows 8 versions of all of this? Oh wait, your account is brand new, you're obviously a shill. I'm an Android "power user" who thinks that Android is a terrible OS, less stable and mature than Windows 3. I suspect that Windows Phone is probably also crap, but since it's the major smartphone OS I haven't yet tried I'm interested in giving it a shot before I declare all mobile operating systems garbage.

I think that anyone who has spent real time with Android or iOS and h. If you're an Android power user, and you want to see reasonable OS updates, then you know to buy a Nexus device, that's the point of them. Google can't force the various carriers and handset makers push out updates, and it's not in their interests to do so since they want you to buy a new handset every year, so you should understand what's going to happen there.

Yes, but only the Nexus devices get reasonable update cadence, so much like the iPhone, if you don't like that one form factor, you're boned. I admit that some of my frustration is based on the fact that HTC and Samsung currently have devices with much better specs than the current top of the line Nexus device, and lips have been sealed on what's next from the Nexus line.

I'm hoping these announcements make something appear, and hopefully, they aren't like the middling device that's been rumored as the upco. Even a middling android device has nicer hardware than the current iPhone or these new windows phones these days.

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I'm completely uninterested in an iOS device, but this new Lumia is pretty impressive, hardware-wise. The Galaxy Nexus isn't bad, but not necessarily what I want to pick up now to last a year or two. I love my Galaxy Nexus, but if I had to make the same decision now I would not get it. At the time it was a great device, but the S3 or OneX or the Xperia are better choices these days.

The first two if you will do your own updates the latter if not. Windows phone is really good to try out. I haven't tried windows phone 8, but WP7 was really quite interesting to see. There won't be any developers. Developers want to code for platforms people are using--iPhone and Android. People want to use platforms developers are coding for--iPhone and Android. It's a self-feeding loop and Nokia is way, way too late to the party.

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Any phone that doesn't run iPhone or Android apps is dead, dead, dead. Whether you like Metro or not, Windows 8 will be shipping on all Desktops and Laptops in the Fall, and will be a viable platform with an immediate install base. I rather suspect they'll continue coding for Windows 7 or even XP so to have the widest install base. Enterprise clients in particular hate having to upgrade, so jumping in and making something that only works on Metro is a non-starter.

Fact is, developing for Windows 8 is also developing for for the most part Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 RT, and probably in the future Xbox or whatever they call it. Fact is, developing for a smart phone is a completely different thing from developing for a desktop or game console; the difference in screen size, input methods, memory size, processing power and battery restrictions make them utterly different.

I'm not surprised that Microsoft doesn't understand this; the entire attempt to shoehorn Metro into Windows 8 shows that they don't understand that you can't run a cellphone interface on a desktop, and vice-versa. In terms of processing power, this is all true. But today, we're in a position where the computers in our pocket are just about as powerful as the onces on our desktops not even 7 years ago.

There's a large class of applucations, especially for content consumption, that can be written for consumers across all platform types mentioned. Input and screen size are different issues, but that's where you have to re-implement a unique interface for each device. This is much easier than completely recoding everythi. This whole tablet and smartphone thing isn't a fad, and it's quickly outpacing desktop PCs, a great many of which are corporate and other non-personal machines.

Never said it was a fad. I have two smartphones myself one for work, one for personal--both Android, as a matter of fact. I like those numbers! Considering it's a shill, yes. Their first post to Slashdot is alengthy and gushing post about Windows Phone with a time stamp identical to the story's post time. Rovio already said they're not going to make Angry Birds for this platform. Others are following suite.

Mango apps resume instantly they're suspended in RAM, that's all. If Rovio hasn't gotten around to recompiling Angry Birds for Mango I'd be surprised it's literally a three-click process in Visual Studio but I suppose that's possible. In any case, most games resume instantly after you switch back from the call interface, even if you're still on the call games will usually resume in a paused state for obvious reasons, but that's just a convenience fo rhte user.

I'd certainly hope so. I do have to admit that visual studio is great but unfortunately it won't run on wine so I use something else, I wish i could find open source ide that has all of its features like built in gui designer. If you want to make price comparison, either compare the sim-free version or the total cost of contract. Otherwise, hey my bank offered my mobile phone for free with an extra 6GBP cashback. I just had to show my credit card at the shop and type the 4 digit number my bank sent me.

What would you call an app that is targeted for windws phone 8 and uses windows phone 8 features? I would call it a windows phone 8 app. That app will not work on windows phone 7. It is an accurate and true statement. I think what you would like people to say is that very few applications will be written for windows phone 8. Therefore, it is not an issue. For the vast majority of people, having three or four columns of Start menu, fold out with a chaotic grouping of small icons next to small folders didn't help them find their programs.

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They still had to take their mouse and scroll over each and everyone, just to make sure that they didn't miss what they were looking for. Many times it resulted in the mouse wandering too far outside of some invisible boundary, causing flyouts to collapse, and they'd start scanning all over again. Samsung slavishly copied Apple and Nokia has clearly proven you can design a next-gen phone that looks nothing like the iPhone. And that is for real, hardware patents, not bouncing menus or pinch-to-zoom.

Apple is as much guilty as Samsung may be, and I really wish Nokia went all the way and refused licensing instead, to give Apple a taste of its own medecine. Always follow the party line, no matter what. Possibly an eye-opener: The differences between Apples first attempt at a mobile phone and earlier phones from more experienced manufacturers are not that big, all the way from the basic shape rounded cornered rectangle, screen dominated front, speaker and microphone at logical positions through the basic interface a grid of icons to more specific features slide to unlock, context-sensitive actions on text, etc.

Literally all of this had been done before. Nobody had made an iPhone before, and nobody - other than Apple - has made one ever since. The same can be said though for, eg, the HTC Prophet [wikipedia. HTC never claimed they owned the basic shape of this device, nor did they claim to own the basic interface a grid of icons.

LG did not claim they owned the concept of a rectangular, rounded cornered screen dominated slab with a capacitive touch screen. Which is logical - they did not invent the capacitive touch screen, nor did they invent the rectangle or the colour black. Samsung never claimed to own these things, even though they had several products which predated Apple's first phone while encompassing many of its features. Please take some effort to answer this question: If your answer is 'nobody, they invented all of this themselves' then I'm afraid you'll have to do some more studying.

Apple made a popular phone, which sold by the millions even though the price was inflated. It still sells by the millions, and these sales have made Apple a stupendous amount of profit both because of the obscene profit margin on these phones as well as the sheer number of phones they sold. In other words, they made a successful product. Where they went wrong was when they started claiming to be the sole proprietors of the basic concepts behind this phone.

Please use some common sense before you parrot their statements. Have a look at the television wall in some electronics store to see what I mean. Look at the washing machines, or the calculators, or just about any other product. Look around you and see - nobody is an island. No company creates something out of nothing.

This includes Apple. They, like everyone else, look around them and base their products on what they've seen. The difference between Apple and most other companies is that they then turn around and claim never to have looked, that they came up with it all by themselves. This is wrong, and you know it is wrong. Think Different [wikipedia. I have a 4 year old iphone tat runs the latest OS. I also have a 2 year old android phone that runs the latest android. There may be more comments in this discussion.

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Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Check out Slashdot on Minds! Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Nerval's Lobster writes "Nokia CEO Stephen Elop first took to the stage at Center on New York City's West Side, where Microsoft had first unveiled Windows Phone 7 in late , to claim that Nokia was becoming a 'more nimble competitor' thanks to several strategic decisions under his tenure, including the choice of Windows Phone as the company's primary smartphone platform.

In terms of [the 's hardware]: Despite the enthusiasm displayed onstage for Windows Phone 8, the new smartphone platform poses something of a conundrum for Nokia. But those Windows Phone 7 smartphones won't upgrade to Windows Phone 8 software, and nor will they run Windows Phone 8 apps. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted.

More Login. I can't wait for wireless charging. You just put it in the microwave and turn it on high for about minutes. That's awesome but now my phone won't turn on? Share twitter facebook linkedin. In memoriam: Here are the ones I can remember: Nortel declared bankruptcy two years later. Bing did ship on some devices but in October Droid came to Verizon. The company is part of a broader strategic alliance between Ericsson and Microsoft" What happened? In February , Mic.

Read the rest of this comment Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Nokia stock price plummets Score: Matter writes: Apple's does the same thing after most announcements. Investors are a fickle bunch. No, but obviously expectations did not line up with what they delievered The new Lumias are solid spec wise and offer some real advantages over competing phones Windows Phone or otherwise , Windows Phone 8 addresses most concerns about the platform, app availability is increasing at an excellent rate, accessory support is expanding, Lumia devices are selling I think some were still expecting a 20MP sensor and a tablet device.

Have something that would let them sell 70 million rather than 7 million phones. I'd like to see some more apps available for Appl. Those are rules. They are sure silly, but that's how market work these days. It's time to switch Score: I'll liked this line: Does it run Linux? Sounds like a nice piece of hardware, but does it run Linux read Android or MeeGo?

Stupid question deserves stupid answer. Windows Phone 8 uses the real Windows 8 kernel, doesn't it? In this case you could forget about installing anything not signed by Microsoft on the device. Platform tweaks needed to the OS? From TFA: WP 7 will get upgrades Score: Actually it's not just "Similar OS but with more features". You need to do everything differently. It's like going from pure java android ndk not allowed into iOS:. Anyone know where Steve Balmer is? Quoth the man himself: Very sad Score: It's nice real world example that the Wrong CEO can utterly destroy a company almost overnight.

Not universally praised Score: Start button Score: How about some enthusiasm from a sub k ID then? Speaking as a. NET developer, underwhelmed. WP7 Nokia owner here. You don't necessarily have to recode since WP8 is backwards compatible with WP7 apps. I wonder how HTC Samsung etc. Still nobody will buy it. My continuing complaint with Windows phones Score: But your Windows 7 phone, booting Windows 8?

Not even for fun. And this goes back past Windows Phone to the old CE releases. The hardware itself does seem almost too good to be true It seems like an aazing device, Though, I'd be much more inclined to purchase if there were an Android offering This will likely improve with time, but, at least for now, i think the software is killing an amazing device.

You have to have a Windows machine. Personally, I think that the recent news of the personal details of 1 million Apple users ending up on a single person's laptop, and from there getting spread publicly over the Internet, might make somebody reconsider if there's really need for every single personal detail of their life to pass from a datacenter on the other side of the planet while travelling from their own phone to their own PC. Windows Phone 8 has SD card support for transferring any data you please to any platform you please. I'm not sure yet if this means plugging it in via USB will mount the SD card, but that's what Joe Belifore seems to indicate in his interviews.

We shall see. You can also alternatively sync files via SkyDrive which is available cross platform.

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Not that it helps you but they do support Macs. Perhaps there are instructions for how to do that. If there are, they aren't online anywhere. There doesn't need to be when it will run all apps from WP7. Expect there to be nexus phones from most of the major players within the next 6 months. How is it impressive? Compare to an S3 or a One X. I haven't seen a obviously, but if it's anything like the it will be gorgeous. As for other impressive hardware in the , you have NFC, wireless charging, advanced optics floating lens image stabilization , curved glass display, unibody design, super sensitive touchscreen can touch with normal gloves on or even fingernails , and at x on 4.

Galaxy Nexus user since launch day. Not without installing it yourself you didn't. I can't wait to get my hands on this baby. And I thought you'd be getting a free one, what with working for Nokia ;. The best thing about this is how effective the platform can be for developers. Maybe that marginal benefit will not be there at first, but the scales will tip. Oh man, I think SCO won that one. WP8 will run all WP7 apps, which presumabl.

Wave Score: Only if they are eligible for a new contract at the time. And the rest of the world will get an S3 gratis on contract. S3 gratis on contract. Depending on the provider it can be more. Where I live, at least. Unlike all the other smartphones NOT quad-core. Happy - iHappy Score: Samsung slavishly copied Apple. Related Links Top of the: Which Is the Safest Router? Slashdot Top Deals. Step 3: You are now in the phone hardware business.

You have sidestepped the very Windows 7 deficiencies you created AND created a nice fire sale for yourself to buy a major company! Step 4: Ford satisfaction ratings are tanking due to problems with our Windows software Folks like Nokia only make hardware. So from Nokia's perspective, there is no real incentive for them to make their phones upgradeable as it does not offer any real ability to generate revenue from that. They are in the business to sell the physical phone.

Last thing Nokia, or any other maker wants is users keeping their "old" 6-month phone around. Toggle navigation. June 21, Nokia's current flagship phone, the Lumia , won't be upgradeable to Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 platform, leading some to expect Nokia's troubles will grow even more. Earlier this week, Microsoft formally announced Windows Phone 8 , which will launch on new handsets this fall. The operating system upgrade won't be available on existing Windows Phone 7-based devices, which means Nokia's Lumia will be incompatible with the new platform.

Instead, Microsoft plans to offer an update in the form of Windows Phone 7. With Windows Phone 7. But even though the Lumia will be upgraded to look like a Windows Phone 8 device, the fact that it will not receive all of the new features and functionality is seen as a serious blow to Nokia, which has bet heavily on the Windows Phone platform in its transition away from its own Symbian.

That means Nokia's troubles "could get worse before they get better," a report published Thursday in The Wall Street Journal said. It characterized the Nokia 's lack of compatibility with Windows Phone 8 as a "major blow" to Nokia. Reply 2 of Reply 3 of Reply 4 of Reply 5 of Reply 6 of Reply 7 of Reply 8 of Reply 9 of Instead of calling the update for the old phone 7. And isn't the same thing true on the Android platform?

Manufaturer fragmentation and proprietary versions of the Android OS leave most folks stuck without OS upgrade options? Reply 10 of Well you know the rest. Reply 11 of Reply 12 of Reply 13 of Reply 14 of Reply 15 of Microsoft has gotten pretty brilliant of late. Step 2: No Windows 8 for you! Reply 16 of Reply 17 of Nokia dropped their pants and bent over for Ballmer's Microsoft, this is the result. No surprises here. This should remove all doubt that Windows Phone is a dead-end turd - and who with any sense would want to be a Microsoft "partner" now after the events of this week?