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Standard UMTS. Standard LTE. Wymiary wys. Corning Gorilla Glass. Standardowa bateria. Li-Ion mAh. System operacyjny. Samsung Exynos Zegar procesora: Ekran dotykowy. Wprowadzony na rynek. Model matrycy. Zoom optyczny. Zoom cyfrowy. Dwukolorowy LED. Formaty video. Efektu Halle-a. Czytnik linii papilarnych. Profil A2DP. WiFi Direct.

Hotspot WiFi.

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Push To Talk. Instant Messenger. Klient e-mail. Czytnik RSS. Audio Jack. HD Voice. Video dzwonki. Telewizja DVB-H. Przelicznik walut. Praca w samolocie. Dane i faks. Wymienna obudowa. Kup telefon w: Each firm also claims that their designs have been infringed by the other, and have requested court orders in attempts to ban At first glance the two models are very similar, both offering a premium smartphone experience, packing big screens, quad-core pr In this video we compare the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4.

See our story: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus 4 comparison review. Verdict These are the best The Motorola Moto G is a very good deal. A mid-range Android phone at a budget phone price. And that got us thinking - how does the Moto G stack up against other mid-range handsets? And that - amazingly - is what the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now. The Galaxy Samsung's Galaxy S3 was one of the most popular smartphones of but how does it compare to its replacement, the Galaxy S4? We take a look at how the new flagship handset compares to its predecessor in our Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 comparison revi However, with plenty of customers expected to trade in their S III for a soon-to-be-release BlackBerry has finally launched its new operating system on its BlackBerry Z10 smartphone , but how does it compare to one of the most popular Android devices around?

It's been a Samsung's Galaxy S3 was one of the most popular smartphones of , but how does it compare to Google's Nexus 4? The Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3 are two of the best Samsung's Galaxy range of Android smartphones and Android tablets are hugely popular. But the three Samsung Galaxy smartphones we compare here are very different animals. If you're one of those people that loves to film everything you do with your friends and family, or frequently go to concerts, or even are a proud parent, then you probably care about how good the video quality is of your smartphone.

Who wants to save s After HTC and Samsung launched their new high-end phones for earlier this year, LG is now the last of the big brands to release a new powerhouse model. With the 4X HD the Korean manufacturer again has a phone that can compete in the highest segment These two devices are likely to be the closest top-dog Android competitors this year, as both man When the next generation of superphones loaded with quad core processors and expansive screens, squeezed into svelte ultrathin bodies, naturally, battery life and power consumption became a concern.

Surely faster hardware and smaller bodies means more Now we're onto one of the biggest features of the two phones and the two tightest areas of competition. Both the One X and SIII are equipped with 8 megapixel cameras, and while that might not be the top end you can buy in terms of pure pixel count, the The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the biggest smartphones of , and for that we've decided to do something a little different for the review.

Instead of a conventional review, a special device such as this deserves special treatment; the 'review' w Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 is about to be announced to the world, there are still plenty of high-end devices on offer if you're about to upgrade. In fact, with the S4 set to land with a premium price tag, considering one of these devices might be a go Both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 have a lot going for them, each with unique bonuses and drawbacks.

We compare the key features and specs of both to help you decide which you should be splashing the cash on. The iPhone 5 brings with it a cons In short, Apple has consistently We put the flagship Android and iOS devices head-to-head to see which offers the best mobile experience But after using the Samsung Galaxy S3 for some time, I fell in love with the phone completely. Nokia Lumia feels inferior compared to the Galaxy S3 s The Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely the best Android smartphone at this stage, no questions about that unless if you prefer a much larger screen size like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

With nine million pre-orders, 50 of those in SA, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is certainly hot property. A number of added extras such as Popup Play and moving video icons; bigger battery; sleeker looks than S2; great 4. Still no metal used in design; app seeding on homescreens cumbersome; some functionality difficult to find. As the launch was rumoured to be close, everyone went into overdrive with opinions on what we may see us included, admittedly.

And when we did finally get a glimpse of the Android 4. Fantastic performance, Elegant design, Great screen and camera Plastic casing is lacklustre, Samsung extras like S Voice feel gimmicky So what's our overall verdict? Well, we don't want to give it back, which is exactly how we felt with the Galaxy S2. Once again, Samsung has proven itself as the king of Android kingdom and there's no doubt the Galaxy S3 will fly off the shelves, even i Remember that story about Goldilocks and the three bears? The little tike broke into their house, gobbled up some porridge, tried out some chairs and then went and had a kip on all the beds.

The naughty little sausage. You can hardly stop yourself from flipping it around in your hand. Stuff magazine Thu, May 24 , 7: Amid levels of hype and speculation usually reserved for the launch of a new iPhone, the latest Samsung handset has arrived wit Rapid performance, Detailed, vibrant display, Excellent photo and video quality We have already reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S III in the past, but when we had the opportunity to get the device in again - in order to test the cases we are giving away in a competition - we thought it would be great to re-review the handset now that Jel The Samsung Galaxy S III is certainly expensive sim-free, but the device has a mesmerising screen, superb performance and a quality range of pre-installed apps that would make us buy this over its closest competitor the HTC One X - which we also reviewed After many months of waiting, and not a small amount of hype, the Galaxy S III is finally here, replacing the Galaxy S II as Samsung's hero phone of the day -- Samsung's play not only against whatever Apple's got up its sleeves but also appealing Despite a new model being released soon the Samsung Galaxy S3 remains a premium smartphone that still has a lot to offer those that already own one.

There are a few features that can be hidden if you don't know where to look but some of them certainly bri What happens when two Agents go head-to-head reviewing the world's hottest new smartphone? We've tested the Samsung Galaxy S3's hardware, software and features, comparing it to other new mobiles on the market. Find out what our Agents think of Samsung's n Agent Nayler, Samsung's own 1. Agent Nayler, While the S3 has some of the best specs on the market, the casing feels slightly flimsy and to me the faux-brushed aluminium on the edges doesn't have the premium feel a phone of this calibre should have, Agent King, At only g, the S3 l Of course, for Samsung there's the elem Samsung's latest Android-based masterpiece has a list of next-generation features that reads like the specifications for an interstellar spaceship, and a pedigree which rivals that of the USS Enterprise.

But can the Korean manufacturer's latest sma As we've reported previously, Telstra's Next G network has been somewhat congested of late in some CBD areas , leading Delimiter to recommend users to switch onto its incredibly fast 4G network. And with Optus launching its own potentially even faster Overnight global electronics giant Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone opus: But an Australian launch Samsung hasn't confirmed an Australian launch for the Galaxy S III yet, but we're sure the company is in talks with the major mobile carriers as we speak about its availability.

Based on prior experience, we would guesstimate that the phone will launch l VAT is finally here. And Samsung fans need not worry that the Galaxy S heritage has been blemished. The S III is a fantastic handset that can, quite rightly, lay claim to being a category While the phone is no longer new, it received an Android update and still holds its own against the iPhone 5. A superb screen, lots of power, innovative software and a reasonable price on contract mean that the Samsung Galaxy S III still retains a high rating. Read the review. The phone builds on the broad appeal of the Galaxy S II, increasing the screen size from 4.

This puts it a little above the current price of the One X, but with the advantage of being available on plan for the major carriers. So all the rumours and leaks can finally stop Samsung has unveiled the successor of the much loved Galaxy s2 but is it worth the upgrade? Read on to find out. The Galaxy s3 will be hitting our shops in the UK at the end of May and many people have been ho Camera could be better SVoice not optimised With the update to Android 4.

It's mostly changes to the interface that have been brought with the new update, but there are a A few haters,trollers and skeptics like me have bashed the Samsung Galaxy S3 right from its launch. So as compensation I'd like to clear the air about a few misconceptions about the device. Misconception No. The device is too big No,it isn't. The phone fi With a bigger screen, faster processor and lots of new software it represents a significant upgrade over last year's model, the S II, which has to date Once again, Samsung has proven itself as the king of Android kingdom and there's no doubt the Galaxy S3 will fly off the shelves, even Most notable with the Galaxy S3 are the changes in its shape, with more curvature to its edging.

The central home button has grown wider and slimmer but remains the focal point of the phone's face. There's no shortage of cheap cases for any of the big release phones each year, but there is distinctly short supply of quality cases for phones particularly if you're after something with style and a hint of class about it. The Aranez cases have a very c It is nimble, powerful, but how well does this handset perform as a phone? The much awaited powerhouse device does a lot of things exceptionally wel Fast as a bullet, Amazing screen resolution and brightness, Fantastic camera optics, fast focus, Slim and light, Great audio quality Poor call quality, Poor build quality, Screen is useless in sunlight, Battery charges slowly Overall, this phone is a great phone.

It is fast, responsive and has some amazing new technologies in it that we will see become part of our every day life very soon. Gaming and video are immersive and smooth, and the camera is crisp and fast. But it is n Honestly, I still cringe a bit when I s Smooth navigation throughout the OS, Efficient use of power, Excellent camera for a phone , Ergonomic design, Huge, bright, clear display Check out our reviews of those phones too!

If a fast, fluid ex Last week Samsung has held a huge press event in London where they showed their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 for the first time in public. Therefore the launch of their new flagship smartphone has to be near. In the meantime we present to you in this articl The Samsung Galaxy S III has been my daily device for the last month and after the initial hype I still remain very impressed by what is easily the android smartphone on the market. The g mass does not feel heavy at all and the shell fits extremely well The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an awesome phone incorporating some much sought after improvements from its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S2.

It's class-leading performance, stylish form factor, huge 4. Yesterday evening Samsung invited press as well as resellers, carriers, After the "ceremonial" part we had the chance to exclusively get hands on experience with Compared to the S2, the S3 is a step towards the right direction The fact that there is no LTE support is a pity but at least there is hope that the Koreans will implement this in a future revision of the device At the moment it seems like the Exynos Having sold millions of Galaxy S II's around the world, in more variations than one can keep track of, Samsung knew it had a lot of work to do in making a worthy successor.

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In many ways, the device we have before us bears little resemblance to the GT-i The Galaxy S III is currently the best Android phone on the market, perhaps not by a large margin — the One X pales only slightly in battery life and overall usability, while beating Samsung in build quality — but the overall package comes together except She covers the T-Mobile and Sprint versions but all four major US carriers are using the same hardware other than cellular radio.

What can Samsung do to capture the same kind of success? I knew right away that this was a great case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It isn't as lightweight or thin as the Incipio Feather Case but it does feel slightly more ro Hit jump for my full review. As Samsung explains: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S The handset has been updated since launch, and currently uses Android 4. One of the most important considerations when making any purchase is the cost. We've taken a look at th e SIM-free and contract prices you can expect to pay. To make this a fair comparison we have used the site of the manufacturer where applicable.

For fi The most commonly used task on a smartphone is web browsing. It's also a resource hungry use case, which makes it a good benchmarking tool. We've run the device through the Sunspider and Peacekeeper benchmarks to help show which has the best browser. All of the devices on test have a similar camera set up.

All devices also have front-facing cameras, primarily f All our devices on test have different sized displays — ranging from 4ins to 4. We found colour replication and responsiveness on the handsets to be excellent across the board. We've focused on testing the brightness, as this is a good funct Our version blazes quad-core all the way: Apparently, similar incompatibilities between quad-core and LTE c If you want all the bells and whistles and LTE speeds aren't a must for you, then hell yes.

Especially if you're off contract See: Samsung went out and worked with Telstra, Optus and Virgin to remedy the problem and now, months later, we have a 4G-version of the current I'll admit that Jelly Bean wasn't a thing then, but we shouldn't have had to wait for it as long as we did. Same thing with 4G. It's fast, light, sexy and reasonably priced. All the devices have unique software-based features that could swing the decision to purchase them. Here, we run through the key factors offered by each device.

Apple iPhone 5 Everyone is familiar with the simple app icons associated with the iOS software It's the latest record-breaking Android flagship device from the world's 2 smartphone manufacturer. Bringing more than just upgraded specs to the table, the Galaxy S3 is the fastest-selling A Notably larger at They offer reliable services and the lowest prices on the web, with free shipping worldwide on selected items.

Click on the link below to visit th Samsung are arguably the current king of the heap in many smartphone markets, but if you're already a Samsung convert, then which Samsung Flagship model smartphone or phablet should you pick up? This time around, we answer this question and see how the Sa Samsung have a lot of different products in the market, and not all of them are new nor are they all targeted at the high-end market.

There are now just as many Samsung smartphones out there for the mid-range to lower-end market as there are those for the Our overall champion in this comparison would have to be the Samsung Galaxy SIII as it is head and shoulders above the other two in terms of performance and features. You may have to pay about RM or so more for the model without contract but the Maxis It's difficult to deny that fact — the flagship handset is packed with top of the line features, and advanced technical specifications, making it one of the sought-after sm It is powered by a quadcore processor, which delivers fast and smooth performance, Huge touchscreen display, Advanced camera packed with cool features, giving you stunning results, It is scratchresistant It isn't budgetfriendly, Some features only work on Samsung smartphones Samsung Galaxy S3 Pros: Colors are vivid, contrast is good.

Responds instantly to commands. Finally it is a There's no doubting the Samsung Galaxy S3 is technologically the top dog at the moment. It's screen is dazzling, its processor incredibly fast and its battery life is better than most. Someone told me that the Year of the Dragon would be a lucky year for me. Having use Tuesday August 14, MYT 6: Need we say more? The phone has already broken pre-order records in the UK with 9 million orders before its official launch, and it's going to keep getting better. It shoots for the stars further than anything else had, but is it Gorgeous screen, Blazing processor, Great features, Good battery life S Voice could be better Blazing processor, a gorgeous screen, a great selection of features and a respectably good battery life, it all sums up into a something undeniably great.

This is a Since then, the noise being generated by the handset doesn't seem to die down. The Philippines is one of the lucky countries to get first dibs on this Android superph There is no doubt about it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the superphone to beat. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the hardware chops to bac The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most highly-anticipated smartphone of It's mainly because of the stellar success of its predecessor and Samsung's over-all performance in the Android handset market.

Check out our full review of the Galaxy S3 i With the launch of the Galaxy S3, we noticed that Samsung is slowly inching towards the cloud and adding more soft features into their devices. They've already proven they're really good at making their own hardware so adding a more compelling ecosystem The buzz around this phone was just off the charts! If there's one thing I realized doing reviews like this is that you can't just limit your perspective to the present. You also have to take a look at the product in relation to the next few years.

Other than being an outstanding smartphone today, the Gala Fastest phone we've tested, Good set of features, Excellent battery life Construction quality not the best, Camera is strictly ok One of the most awaited phone this year and probably the best android phone available in the market, the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is the latest flagship phone from Samsung that sports an eye popping specifications and performance. This phone was officially l This bad boy is probably the most anticipated Android handset of the year, and it certainly packs the specs that make it deserving to be the current king The polycarbonate material does however give the device a plastic-y feel, not that it's flimsy, it still is solidly built.

It may look bland or too simplistic to most people, but simplicity gives the Long battery life; Vibrant 4. Plasticy feel; S Voice and Smart Stay needs improvement The Samsung Galaxy S III has the latest and greatest features that give you excellent performance matched intuitive Smart Gestures which is a no-brainer recommendationRating: Well, there you have it.

Everything about this device crosses our checklist for what a great smartphone The look may not have changed much but the S III is impressive both on the hardware and software fronts. It has a great screen, performs really fast thanks Sekali pandang, S3 nampak macam telefon biasa berkuasa Android 4. In the media launch event, I got my hands on a review unit, which I have shown you the unboxing pictures and comparison to the HTC I reported about Globe's Samsung Galaxy S3 in my last post. So yeah, you guys expect a first impressions of the phone so here it is. Yes folks, just get the Unli Surf Plan then Video updated, thanks edwinYap for the link!

This gives me to give you an exclusive sneak peek on the smartphone and answer any questions that you have before it's rumoured to But it's not out yet? Amid levels of hype and speculation usually reserved for the launch of a new iPhone, the latest Samsung handset has arrived with a heavy brief — it must at least live up to its phenomenally successful predecessor the Galaxy S II and also attempt to deth Samsung had a lot to live up to with the release of its latest flagship Galaxy phone.

Pebble Blue or Marble White. It has been an exhaustive ride to the end of this article. Only that it is probably the best Android smar Both its Galaxy S predecessors made headlines when they were launched, gathering many accolade Only that it is probably the best Android smartphone out there you can get.

Not the best-looking well, that award goes to the HTC O Part of a pack of regional media who are invited to have a first look of the de Deze nieuwe telg moest nog beter, nog sneller en nog mooier zijn dan zijn voorganger, de Galaxy S II. Helaas is de telefoon veel te complex om alle functies in detail te bespreken.

Een opvolger produceren is altijd lastig, zeker als deze je meest succesvolle smartphone ooit moet doen vergeten. Is het een waardige opvolger geworden? Razendsne, Goede bouwkwalitei, Prima camer, Sd-kaart-slot Groot formaa, Hoog plasticgehalt, Niet het beste scherm Toch is de marktsituatie anders dan destijds bij de S II. Samsung wil dit succes evenaren met een smartphone die met name opvalt vanwege het grote 4,8 inch scherm. De grootste vernieuwing zit echter in het besturingssyste En daarmee heeft het nieuwe vlaggenschip geen enkel probleem.

Het is een eer om de titel "allerbeste smartphone van het moment" te dragen , maar de Samsung Galaxy S III slaagt daar met verve in. Samsung heeft het mooi voor elkaar: Krachtig, Zuinige processor, Prima autonomie, Softwareextra's Glossy achterkant Samsung heeft het mooi voor elkaar met de Galaxy-reeks.

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Samsung's opmars lijkt niet te stoppen is. De Galaxy S-reeks dropt ieder jaar een technologisch bommetje aan innovaties. De Gal Het is al weer een jaar geleden dat Samsung de enorm populaire Galaxy S II-smartphone op de markt bracht. De grote vraag is natuurlijk of Samsung in staat zal zijn S-Voice niet in het Nederlands Ook als we kijken naar de prestaties kunnen Afgelopen donderdag was het dan zover, eindelijk werden we weer verlost van alle geruchten en speculaties over de nieuwste smartphone van Samsung.

Samsung heeft er bewust voor gekozen om hun smartphone niet rond het Mobile World Congress te introduceren Snel, sneller, snelst, Laat concurrentie ver achter op prestaties, Veel innovatie met software Veel plastic, Vingervlek gevoelig Bij een hands-on hoort natuurlijk ook een voorlopige conclusie. Dat staat voor mij als een paal boven water. Het evenement rond de lancering van de smartphone, de sponsoring v Vanaf aanstaande dinsdag is hij eindelijk te koop, Samsungs lang verwachte Galaxy S3 Android-smartphone. Deze opvolger van de Galaxy S en Galaxy S II heeft een pittige taak voor de boeg om de grote verkoopsuccessen van zijn voorgangers te evenaren, jui Kopje prijsvergelijking toegevoegd Kopje nfc toegevoegd Kopje haarscheurtjes toegevoegdBijna twee jaar geleden schreef ik een review over de eerste generatie van de succesvolle Samsung Galaxy S-reeks.

Hoewel het t Auto-focus probleem tijdens video-opnamen, Samsung Software hooguit vermakelijk, TouchWiz is goed, maar heeft een rare beperking mbt achtergronden, Smart Stay werkt goed, maar trekt de accu leeg, Haarscheurtjesprobleem trekt 'algemene beoordeling' naar be Nu is er een opvolger: Deze smartphone maakt indruk met zijn snelheid, maar het Allersnelste Androidsmartphone, Goede camera, goed geluid, Prima accu Grote behuizing, Softwaretweaks veelal slecht uitgewerkt en dus niet nuttig Het scherm is groter en scherper, de processor en vooral de gpu zijn stukken sneller, de camera is iets beter en er zijn Begin vorige maand introduceerde Samsung deze high-end Android smartphone op een speciaal daarvoor georganiseerd evenement in London.

Wat deze nieuwe Samsun Dankzij de quad-core processor reageert de smartphone bijzonder snel, hoeveel applicaties je ook opent, de Galaxy S3 hapert We hebben de Samsung Galaxy SIII inmiddels in de winkel gekocht en een goede indruk kunnen krijgen bij het dagelijkse gebruik. En dat was al een zeer goede In handen We hebben het toestel bij de persintroductie kort in handen gehad.

Deze pagina beschrijft onze allereerste indrukken nota bene: Samsungs TouchWiz -interfa Met de Galaxy S II, waarvan er wereldwijd 28 miljoen verkocht warden, wist Samsung afgelopen jaar in Nederland marktleider in smartphones te worden. De langverwachte opvolger in de Galaxy S-lijn van Samsung is eindelijk hier. Na maanden van geruchten ligt dit paradepaardje van Samsung op ons bureau, wat betekent dat we de Galaxy S III eens stevig onder de loep gaan nemen Samsung heeft met de derde Galaxy S wederom een ontzettend goed toestel neergezet.

Het toestel is, afhankelijk van je persoonlijke voorkeur, de beste van de markt. Maar hij heeft zeker geen grote voorsprong meer zoals dat met zijn voorgangers wel het geva Bouwkwaliteit laat te wensen over, Software werkt niet helemaal lekker soms, Softwaretweaks waarmee geadverteerd wordt van discutabel nut Sterker nog, wij vinden persoonlijk de HTC One X zelfs de betere van de twee, vanwege zijn veel betere bouwkwaliteit, betere software en betere scherm.

Het gro Er is ontzettend veel geschreven over het toestel en eerlijk is eerlijk, daar deden we zelf aan mee. Genoeg gesproken over de randzaken, tijd voor een keihard oordeel. De Samsung Galaxy S3 is, hou je vast, een van de beste smartphones ooit gemaakt. Verdient de S III hetzelfde succes? Langverwacht en vanaf vandaag eindelijk te koop: Hun toptoestellen, de Galaxy S-reeks, droppen ieder jaar een technologisch bommetje aan innova Hij ligt al in de winkel en vele tienduizenden hebben hem al in de zak omdat ze deze nieuwe smartphone al hadden gereserveerd.

Wil je weten waarom mensen massaal voor de Galaxy S II kiezen? Check dan onze review van deze nieuwe Android smartphone van Sams Inspiratieloze achterkant Hij is uiters gebruiksvriendelijk en Het is een eer om de titel "allerbeste smartphone van het moment" te dragen , maar de Samsung Galaxy S III slaagt daar met verve in Het is echter een light-variant die ten onrechte de naam van het vlaggenschip van Samsung gebruikt. De prijskwaliteit-verhouding is echter prima Waarop let je als je een smartphone koopt?

De kans is groot dat het scherm, de accuduur en grafische kracht op je lijstje staan. Tweakers testte de smartphones op deze punten Zo werden geruchten opgeblazen tot een niveau dat we voorheen alleen bij Apple zagen. Veel geruchten bleken achteraf onjuist te zijn of te hoog gegrepen en het is Groot, Ongekende snelheid, Prima camera, Veel mogelijkheden outofthebox Zo is de S3 groot, maar daar krijg je ook een groot scherm voor terug. Zeer snelle processor en grafische chip, Stijlvolle voorkant met doorlopend glas, Scherm is helder en kleurrijk, Verwisselbare accu, Samsung heeft een aantal nuttige uitbreidingen voor Android aangebracht, Camerafuncties zijn erg nuttig Achterkant voelt goedkoop aan, ondanks dat deze kwalitatief goed is, Accutijd valt wat tegen, Sommige nieuwe functies zijn alleen beschikbaar voor de Galaxy S III, waardoor de bruikbaarheid miniem is, Beeld is niet altijd even scherp, Camera maakt slechte Deze Android 4.

Maar dat het toestel waarvan er al 28 miljoen exemplaren verkocht zijn een vervolg zou krijgen, was zo klaar als een klontje Niet te min zet Samsung met de Samsung Gal In deze uitgebreide review lees je het definitieve oordeel van GSMinfo. De Apple iPhone wist jare Krachtigste smartphoneprocessor op de markt; alles loopt soepel, 4,8 inch touchscreen met HD-resolutie: Heb je een onbeperkt budget en ben je op zoek naar de beste telefoon die je voor je geld kunt krijgen, ga dan voor de Galaxy S III.

Met een fantastisch touchscreen, een zeer krachtige pr Door de almaar groeiende populariteit van smartphones worden er steeds minder compacte fototoestellen en videocamera's verkocht. Binnenkort gaan we de fotokwaliteit van smartphones uitgebreid vergelijken, vandaag richten we ons op video. Om een inzicht te Wil je een echte alleskunner om de mooiste plaatjes mee te schieten en games mee te spelen, plus een flink scherm dat foto's en video's helder, gedetailleerd en kleurrijk weergeeft? Kortom, wil je een smartphone waar je de komende jaren mee uit de voeten De BlackBerry-smartphones waren tot een jaar of twee geleden werkelijk niet aan te slepen.

Vooral de mogelijkheid om gratis onderling berichten te sturen pingen maakte de smartphone populair onder jongeren, naast de andere trouwe zakelijke gebruikersgro Al meer dan een jaar volgen wij de ontwikkeling van de Samsung Galaxy S3 op de voet — van de allereerste vage geruchten, tot nu, het moment dat de Galaxy S3 inmiddels in menig broekzak te vinden is.

Maar ook van het stadium Snelheid soepele bediening , Beeldscherm, Camera, Geluid, Toestel voelt erg goed aan in de hand, Batterijduur is erg goed voor een smartphone Welke smartphone is de beste? We krijgen die vraag op de redactie geregeld. Het is ook geen gemakkelijk keuze, aangezien de markt wordt overspoeld met nieuwe smartphones. Op de redactie van BesteProduct worden bijna alle smartphones getest.

Wij hebben op Excellent Il est juste de dire que le Galaxy S3 est un excellent smartphone. Orange Business Services lance ses nouveaux forfaits Performance Pro Fort de Design peu audacieux, peu novateur, Touches tactiles: Est-il le digne successeur du Galaxy S II? En 2 ans, Samsung a su bouleverser le paysage Finition perfectible plastique , Taille trop importante pour certains, S-Voice: Pas de support du LTE Samsung Galaxy S3: Design, S, voice anecdotique Samsung fait le show!

Recharge par induction en option, Finition plastique Le constructeu Le constructeur c Autonomie en mode jeu S Voice peu efficace Ne cherchez plus, n Des affichages toujours plus grands, des processeurs encore plus puissants, des plates-formes mobiles qui poursuivent le Dass das Galaxy S3 uns beim ersten Kontakt trotz des riesigen La quali Cela se traduit par des lignes courbes presque partout. Celui-ci est par ailleurs bien plus performant en tous points. Si vous vouliez l'essence du Samsung Galaxy S2 avec encore plus de punch, ou l'un des meilleurs appareils Android de , alors le S3 Galaxy est pour vous Il s'agit d'un pack contenant 6 accessoires distincts, tel qu'une coque de protection, un support voiture etc.

Bouton physique Home, La taille, Svoix Ce que je peux vous dire, en tout cas, au sujet de cette semaine de test, c'est que le Galaxy S Vous l'aurez compris, le Samsung Galaxy S3 est bien le smartphone que beaucoup attendaient. Samsung frappe un grand coup et a mis toutes les chances de sont c Aussi, nous vous proposons aujourd'hui le test complet du nouveau porte-drapeau de Samsung. Expert video review Je dirais que le meilleur ce se Le nouv Schnell, schlank und schlau33 FotosNeues Samsung-Smartphone ansehen Allerdings fehlte es bislang am ganz schnellen Datenfunk.

Ob das Upgrade gelungen ist, zeigt der Test Der liefert personalisierte und standortbezogene Informationen od In der Theorie ist alles ganz einfach: Unterm Strich ist das Samsung Galaxy Das Samsung Galaxy S3 sieht schick aus, ist gut verarbeitet und punktet mit einer umfangreichen Ausstattung.

Compare Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 vs Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

Die Sprachsteuerung ist leider unbrauchbar Mit d Der Name ist mittlerweile Programm, die Marketingstrategie stammt aus Cupertino. Es stellt in vielen Bereichen seine Kollegenschaft in den Schatten, ist aber auch nicht ganz ohne Makel. Der Run aufs Galaxy S3 ist riesig! Nachdem ich euch in einem kurzen Test Somit setzt Galaxy seine Erfolgsreihe beeindruckend fort.

Eines der am meisten erwarteten Smartphones dieses Jahres ist nun da — und der Test zeigt, warum es so sehnlich erwartet wurde. Besonders wertig wirkt es nicht! Viel Hype um das neue Samsung. Das Smartphone beeindruckt nicht nur mit seiner verbauten Hardware, sondern auch mit seinen intelligenten und umfangreichen