Android youtube app an error occurred

On iphone it runs beautifully.

I'm also experiencing the same issue on RN0. I have followed the readme to the letter and recompiled the app and still have the issue. Is it even possible to make it work in android-emulator?

4 Solutions to Fix Unfortunately Your App Has Stopped Error- lawylytisa.cf

I think that you need the YouTube app installed on the device for it to function on Android. I am not sure if you can install the app on emulator. If you have a device to test on definitely try that instead. Otherwise the iOS simulator should work. Skip to content.

YouTube an error occurred

In case clearing the cache did not work out for you, there can be a minor glitch in your date and time settings causing the No Connection — Retry error message on Google Play Store app of your android devices. Check the time and date since a plenty of users were facing this network error message because of incorrect time settings. Did you change it and forget to re-enter in on your Android device?

Whenever you change your password your Android device gets a notification to re-enter it. As soon as you correctly enter your new password, your Android phone or tablet would be able to get all the Google services back on the device.

Of course this is the very last option to go for but you would have to do it if your Google Play Store app simply refuses to connect. Before resetting your Android device never forget to back up your data since factory reset would wipe out all the data. Thank you for your interest in this question. The initialization attempt was successful. Parameters activity The parent activity for creating the dialog, also used for identifying the language to display dialog in.

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OnCancelListener cancelListener. Parameters activity parent activity for creating the dialog, also used for identifying language to display dialog in.

OnCancelListener to invoke if the dialog is canceled. Returns true if the error is recoverable with by calling getErrorDialog Activity, int , otherwise false. OnCancelListener cancelListener Returns a dialog to address this initialization error.

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Part 2: A One-Click Fix to ‘Unfortunately App has Stopped’

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