Samsung galaxy tab 2 sd card file system

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Maybe there is a program that can split the file in 2, though a slight inconvenience, meaning you will need to start the next file when the first one finishes. Might google this myself and see as i have a couple that a bigger than 4GB, so in order to keep the quality this may be an option if there is a file splitter out there?

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You end up with 2 files now, quality is kept the same. As mentioned only thing is, movie stops after then end of the first file, does not automatically continue with the second file, thats the only slight inconvenience. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: After that my phone doesn't recognize it. If I restart my phone it recognized by phone for limited time.

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Any body knows what is the problem and how I fix it? I have a nokia asha I once connected my phone to my pc but after that my sd card wasn't recognised on my phone. When i install it on any other device the device recognises it but after a few seconds it doesn't i even tried installing it on the pc but the same things happen.

What should I do?? I tried to remove it and put it back in but no luck. Then I tried to put it in my boyfriend's phone and it worked normally! Also I got this issue after attempting to install Eternal Arena, my phone said there wasn't enough space and then it said SD card was mounted wrong or something. What's the problem? My SD card is detected by my phone though and I have highlighted that under storage as my default storage folder yet still there is this frequent message that comes "storage almost full" but there is more space on the SD card but it doesn't read and always even if I have highlighted the SD card its the phone storage that reads.

So what I'm gonna do how to get back or how to recognize back or how recover my memory card? How can i solve it? I bought a 32GB sd card. I used it for about a month until it suddenly could not be read by my phone.

I tried it on my PC but it would not read as well. I hope you could help me out with this. Thank you. Since 2 weeks I am receiving the message that my sd card is not supporting but I ignored…but suddenly it is not detected by my phone …also in my files I am unable to find sd card documents or pictures. Today I searched for encryption of sd card but they said that no sd card is inserted. I have really very important pictures n everything in mu Sd card plsss help!!!!

My 8GB memory card cannot read on my phone anymore. I had saved many pictures in it and I'm not sure why it cannot read because it's not broken.

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The memory card is old but was never used so I used it to put my important pictures, it did not give me any problems except now whereby the phone cannot even recognise it. I tried it on another phone and it still cannot read the memory card. Your SD card might be damaged or not recognized by Android.

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Check if it works when connected to the computer using a card reader. Another thing might be that the memory card shifted in its slot, say when you dropped your phone, so check that out as well.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 China uses only its internal memory while my micro SD card is not detected by my phone. Do you know why my sd card is not detecting? The problem might be the app which saves files on SD card. I bought a 4 GB micro SD for my phone, connected it to the computer using a card reader, copied files to it and inserted it in my Microsoft Lumia This happens to all my media and devices.

I checked the SD card on many computers before inserting it into my phone and it was ok. So the memory card is not detected on computer and only works in the mobile device. Format your SD card either using the phone or data recovery software we wrote about it above.

Which file system does the tab2 support? - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 | Android Forums

If this fails to help, go to Disk Management in Windows and check if your memory card is mounted when connected to the computer, or if the volume is displayed in the list. Connected to the computer it works perfectly. Why is my phone not reading my SD card? Should I change the settings to detect SD memory in mobile? One reason can be a lost contact between the memory card and phone. Check if your device reads other SD cards, and if not — hand it in to repair. I inserted this very SD card into another device: Trying another SD card with my tablet — same thing, and the phone does see it.

If there are important files on your memory card, copy them to your computer. After that format the memory card and scan it for errors. If the situation happens again, update the firmware of your tablet or do a hard reset. However, I still can read the titles of the tracks. How to repair undetected micro sd card, what are possible causes of it? Check the type of your audio files. In the settings of the memory card everything is like it should be — total space, available space. Help me out! The simplest way out is reinstalling games from Google Play. If user data is stored in the memory of your phone or on SD Card, games will work as they used to.

If no — try recovering them using recovery soft. I have Samsung Galaxy Gio S Some half a year ago I fixed my charger port and after that only yesterday I turned on the phone again. It had contacts, e-books and tons of photos. What can I do to bring it back to life? I took my device to the repair in case the problem was the memory card slot, but it was ok and reads a new card straight away. Your SD Card can have damaged lead or pins so your memory card not detected in mobile. After the reset of my phone SD Card was in it during the reset the sd card cannot be detected in any device.

You need to format and mount your microSD as internal storage again. If you can open it on computer, reserve all the data to the hard drive. It was working fine and was perfectly doing it's job for a few weeks but all of a sudden my phone stopped reading my SD. I have tried installing it in other devices but it's not reading the SD card. I had apps, videos, audio and photos which were transferred on to the SD card. I am unable to understand what happened and how I am supposed to access my data as I don't know if it has been deleted or not?

How to fix sd card that wont read? Insert your micro sd card not detected by phone into the card reader and connect it to your computer. Check the available space on the card. If it is different from the factory parameters, your data might still be on it. This can be fixed either by scanning it for errors or using data recovery tools for SD Card.

Huawei Ascend Y Your phone needs formatting in the filesystem compatible with Android. I have a 32gb sd card that I had been using in my Samsung galaxy s5. I upgraded to the Samsung galaxy s7 and inserted the same sd card however my new phone is not recognizing the sd card. I reinserted the sd card into the old phone again and same thing. Why is my sd card not working on my phone Is there a way to fix it? You must have not ejected your SD Card safely if your phone was on , which caused reading errors. To fix them, scan your card for errors and get them fixed by connecting it to the computer using a card reader.

It's a Lexar 32 GB card btw. My camera won't save the pictures on the external storage. And my gallery stopped reading the card folders. I switched to external storage but when I take a picture an error message pops up and it changes the storage to internal automatically. When I go to Files it's all in there and there's no problem accessing all the card info pictures, docs, etc and even apps that are in the card.

But no pictures, videos in the gallery and no option on spotify to download songs on the external storage, no view of the card pictures on Instagram or Facebook. I have a 32gb memory card, and suddenly one day it stopped working, it won't appear in my file manager. I tried using card reader and inserted in my laptop but its still the same.

It won't appear. Last thing i remember is I fell asleep while transferring some files from my memory card to laptop, and it started when i woke up. I don't know what happened but please help me, It contains important files. Reinsert this device' while it was still inside. I removed it and put it back and the phone was restarting alone for several times.

I put the SD card in a computer but it was asking me to format it. The phone suggests forgetting the card but I would lose all date. Is there a way to recover the data from the card it was set as default memory for the phone. My samsung Galaxy J3 do not recognize my sd card of 16gb. But when I inserted the sd card to several phones it was recognized.

Also when I insert other sd cards to my phone it says insert sd card the same as my sd card.

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I restarted my phone and then the SD Card become unreadable the photos,videos and apps installed was gone. I tried inserting it to a computer but it is still unreadable. So I had a samsung note 4 and it recently died, I tried to change to a new phone but when I did it could not read my card. I tried in a computer by inserting the micro sd into a mini adapter and putting into the slot on my laptop and it doesn't read either. So then I got a usb adapter and put the micro in the mini into the usb and the computer will recognize the external hard drive and I can see the file folders and some pictures but it only lasts for about 10 secs and then adapter fails and the drive goes away.

It gives me hope that all the files are on the card I just can't get them off. Please help, I have my whole life on this dumb card!! Since 2 weeks I am receiving the message that my sd card is not supporting but I ignored I have really very important pictures and everything in my Sd card. Your device doesn't support this SD card. I haven't touched the card. My sd card suddenly is not detected by my handphone and laptop. I was about to back up but nothing appears. When i insert the sd card to a card reader to my laptop, it doesnt detect.

I really need my pictures I went to IT shop, none say its retrievable.. I am Using Lenovo k8 and when I insert a memory card it is checking for errors but it Keeps on Showing like that only for days Can't detect my SD card in my phone.. Help me to solve this. I connected the mobile to computer and unknowing deleted all files from SD card including android files, I think.

Now it is not getting detected anywhere. I tried above methods but it did not help. Is there some way to fix it? I have a Coolpad Note 5 phone. I was copying files from my phone to laptop and suddenly sd card option disappeared in both laptop and phone. I tried restarting the phone but it didn't help. No SD card option is being displayed in either phone or laptop. I have been using this sd card in this phone for over an year. This the first time such a problem has occured. Kindly help. I suspect, because it is a china build that possibly the SD card function is disabled. Since it is a new phone I do not have reason to believe that it is not functioning, but rather disabled.

Very much not google friendly, this modified version of android 6. Please direct me to the best solution. My phone normally see my memory card.