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Forgot your username or password? Iamkegman Iamkegman 5 years ago 1 If you are like me and are at the following points in your progression: Then here is what I have been doing to get "free" donuts every four hours This of course will work for any building you can farm. However none build in four hours like the kwik-e-mart.

Download Gangstar New Orleans Hack Without Jailbreak

I am currently experimenting with the other buildings to see what the Xp is with five stars. I will do the math and post which is the best value. Unless someone beats me to it and I hope you do.

I assume there may be a better way with buying a decoration in mass but that is more work then I feel like doing now. Until then this my strategy: With how my city is set up, I have found I can build about buildings before it starts freezing up on my iPad.

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Which at a cost of , Xp earns me 7. Extrapolated out that gives me Which isn't really that much if you think about it and if like me you pull in about k a day anyway.


However I am leaving out the fact that you may not get three donuts every time and will have to spend the extra money for the extra scratches but those are the chances we take. I hope others are interested in what item is the best to build versus time versus money and we can get a really good list going of the values.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Cheats for iPhone/iPad

I never used a donut, ever, until after the Christmas update, and just finally started getting premium items now to improve my town. If not, is there a way to get a whole bunch at once other than buying them with real money? User Info: Additional Details: Well, I don't think that breaking the law is worth it.

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Thank you! Accepted Answer. You can do this to get infinite donuts 1st turn of the device then press and hold the sleep button 2 sec then continue holding sleep; press and hold home button 10 sec release sleep button; continue holding home 15 sec User Info: Other Answers.

How To Get Free Donuts In The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The only way to get infinite donuts and money is illegally. You need a jail broken iOS device this is not the illegal part , then you download a hack for the game. Doing so is ethical though, and you could end up getting banned from Origin by EA and rightfully so, you are stealing from them. Th eonly way to legally get donuts for free Is leveling up and sometimes jobs will give them.

You Can Get half priced Premium items from simpsons. This question has been successfully answered and closed.

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Question Status Do you absolutely need to buy donuts to play this?