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Part 2: Font app for Android

It is also wrong. This one lets you set each app to a different font.


The one minor downside to PerAppfonts is that it only comes with 8 fonts: The Xposed Framework itself is an awesome concept and it has come a long way from when it was first released. Now that you can change your font, which font should you use? My personal favorite repository of free fonts is Google Fonts.

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As the name implies, the Google Fonts repository exists so that websites can plug fonts into their sites without effort, but users can always download the fonts directly if they want to use them elsewhere — like on an Android phone. Looking for other free font sites? I recommend FontSquirrel and DaFont. My top 5 font choices for Android devices, most of which can be installed with one of the apps above:. Font choices are personal so find a font that you love and run with it!

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If you happen to find an awesome font while browsing the web and you want to start using it for yourself, you can use free services like Identifont and WhatFont to determine the name of a font WhatFont: And depending on your interests and area of focus, you may even do it more than the typical Read More.

Did these instructions help you out? Explore more about: Fonts , Typography. Your email address will not be published. Change system settings Part 2: Font app for Android Part 3: Launcher for Android Part 4: Geek Out.

[FONT] 4.3 Roboto Fonts Flashable .zip

Change system settings By default, the Android operating system does not have an existing method that allows users to change phone font on their devices. Part 2: Font app for Android Font apps for Android can also help you customise the system fonts on your device. Part 3: The GO launcher is really easy to use — to get free fonts for Android phones, follow these steps: Copy the TTF font file to your Android.

Open the GO Launcher app. Part 4: Geek Out So far, the methods above are sweat-free ways for users to change Android fonts.

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We also have a detailed handbook for contributors , complete with tutorials. As such, the font stack includes the following: Screenshots All screenshots were taken on a retina 2dppx device. Chrome, OS: Windows 10, Font: Segoe UI Browser: Firefox, OS: Edge, OS: San Francisco Browser: Safari, OS:

How to Install Roboto Font on Android Phone