Top word search games for android

It might not be the first and last word in word games, but Alpha Omega provides a relaxing game of word unscrambling nontheless. Did we say Words With Friends was the most recognisable game on this list? That was silly of us.

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Scrabble is clearly the king of word games, and the inspiration for many of the other games on this list. Bonza Word Puzzle turns the crossword on its head by tasking you with building the crossword itself from various jumbled up clumps of letters. Microsoft's approachable word game riffs off the classic word search formula, but with the added incentive of Xbox Live integration. It isn't quite as involved, but it's arguably more streamlined for mobile. Proving that word games can be both raucous and fun with alcohol, Heads Up has you holding your phone up to your head and guessing the name of the listed famous person from clues provided by your friends.

Find hidden words in a jumble of letters, swipe to pick them out, and watch as the grid falls into place like a match-three puzzler.

The 25 best word games for Android

One of the most prestigious old school crossword puzzles in the world gets its own app. The New York Times Crossword has the kind of classy presentation you'd expect, and the ability to subscribe for an endless supply of puzzles. Snap Attack is another fun online word game from Microsoft. Unlike Wordament, this is more a case of a real time, fast-paced game of Scrabble. Sidewords is a rare original word puzzler that really challenges your logical as well as linguistic skills.

It plays out like a combination of a crossword and a sudoku puzzle. Updated April 17, New entries added Word games aren't merely a subset of the puzzler genre. Stray Robot Games. Zynga With Friends. Available on: Multiply your chances of scoring by constructing words near to double letter, double word, triple letter, and triple word tiles. Follow Wordfeud on Facebook and Twitter to get frequent updates. Download Wordfeud for iOS Android. As the name indicates, this word search game lets you search for the words given by the app in all possible directions.

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Swipe your finger through the letters in the grid and see the words you traced out being highlighted in different colors. With this Word Puzzle Game, you can complete the word search, score high and use them to get more hints. This app also allows in choosing your own language, theme and letter size. It is compatible only with Android device with no in-app purchases.

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Download Word Search for Android. WordsCrush is a simple and easy word game that lets you swipe through the letters to crush the word.

Work With Friends 2

You can swipe in any direction to trace the word. Moreover, size of the word is indicated below the grid to hint the gamer. Although with an indication if you are unable to find out the word, opt for clues to make it easier in further levels. As there are five modes to unlock, you can try to crush the word with minimum swipes and collect medals by crossing all modes.

Master the word games easily by attempting scrabbles. Scrabble can play as a single player or find a random opponent by connecting to them on FB. With Scrabble word puzzle, you can improve word formation skills and score under the guidance of a teacher. Play faster through speed play mode and try not to unlock the nudge and forfeit options.

Better, provide an option to stop ads which will be helpful. Download for Scrabble iOS Android. With cuteness overloaded by bears, the Scrabble puzzle game is lovely to play. This word puzzle let you spell words or press on letters to form a word and claim maximum points possible. Although there are in-app purchases, it has no recent updates and word formation level is not so difficult to crack.

With Alphabear, the more words you find, you unravel more variety of bears. You can participate in challenges with friends and beat them to earn rewards. With Scrabble-style gaming strategy, you can aim at unleashing a masculine and bigger bear at last.

10 Best Free Word Games For Android You Should Play

Download Alphabear for iOS Android. Are you whiling away your time that could worth a small activity? So better get into a recreational activity named word games.

Top 10 Best Puzzle Games For Android 2018 - Easy Puzzle Games

Even you are a gamer or you have kids those want to improve the vocabulary. Letterpress combines the anagrams of Boggle with the territory capturing of Risk. Two players take part in a turn-based battle on a five-by-five grid of letters. Strategy within Letterpress is therefore not just about finding the biggest words — and certainly not if its tiles are spread about the board.

Battles become like an intense tug of war, ramping up the excitement and providing the kind of edge not usually found in word games. Spellspire finds you as a crotchety wizard, trying to climb a tower. The snag is that heavily armed monsters want to stop you. This might not sound like the premise for a typical word game, but Spellspire adds a bit of magic to the anagrams mix. On each floor, you get 10 letters to juggle and form into words that become fuel for spells.

Short words only unleash a smallish magical blast, but longer words give your foes a serious kicking. As you remove letters around them, the bears continue to expand. Typeshift rethinks anagrams, word searches and crosswords. Each puzzle comprises columns of letters you can drag up and down, the aim being to make a complete word in the central row. To complete the puzzle, you must color all of the letters.

The best free word games for Android

Although completing puzzles at speed rewards you with higher scores on the leaderboard, such aspects to Typeshift are largely hidden. This is mostly a lean-back game to relax with, but should you hanker for an additional layer of brain-smashing, you can try cracking crossword-style puzzles where you match words to set clues. Yes, the proper Scrabble , not some copyright-infringing clone that'll be pulled by the time you read these words.